ARESE Solutions is authorized sales and service partner of Fronius (Austria) and offers grid connected system solutions based on so called grid inverters and PV modules which enables generating and using electrical energy in real time during the day, i.e. as long as there are conditions for producing electrical energy from the sun.
Usually these systems are fully automated and enable continuous supply of the loads with the possibility to simultaneously draw electricity from the grid in case of insufficient production of the PV system, without additional corrections of the existing electrical installation. Furthermore, these systems can be used to transfer the excessive electrical energy from the PV system to the grid, in accordance with the normative regulation.

The solutions we offer enable monitoring of system parameters in real time via mobile phones, laptop, tablet, PC, wherever and whenever, with the possibility to view historical data as far back as unbelievable 4.096 days.

We will provide:

  • analysis of the required power,
  • feasibility study and ROI analysis,
  • solution design,
  • detailed specification of the equipment,
  • procurement, installation and configuration of the equipment with EU origin,
  • training for system users,
  • installation of software solution for 24 hours monitoring.