The mobile solar PV generators of the series Mobi AS are designed to supply clean energy anywhere needed and immediately available. The main feature of the Mobi AS system is mobility. The PV modules are integrated in the structure of the unit and the opening/closing mechanism allows the Mobi AS models to be ready to supply energy in few seconds. The Mobi AS  systems require no installation. The wide range of optional features and the possibility to set different logic’s of operation  make the Mobi AS  systems highly customized, suitable for different indoor and outdoor applications.


Model Mobi-АS250 Mobi-AS50
Installed power (Wp) 2250 450
Nominal inverter power (W ) 3200 1000
Batteries (type) Deep-Cycle Flooded/Semi traction AGM
Total battery capacity (Wh) 11520 4080
Size-Close (cm) 160x160x100 (h) 70x70x70 (h)
Size-Open (cm) 300x418x300 (h) 155x210x120 (h)
Weight (Kg) 550 150
Additional options Max battery capacity 23,04 kWh
Inverter 4 kW
Systems in parallel: max 6
DC out 12V / 24V / 48V
AC out 230V / 50Hz
3-phase configuration: 3 or 6 systems
additional power supply: wind generator / grid
Max  battery capacity 5,76  kWh
Inverter 1,5 kW  (only with  5,76 kWh batteries)
Inverter 2,4 kW (only with 5,76 kWh batteries)
DC out 12V / 24V
AC out 230V / 50Hz
additional power supply: wind generator / grid