I-V Curve Tracer for maintenance and troubleshooting of photovoltaic systems.

Commissioning tests on PV systems with multifunction devices.

Automatic test in a sequence of:

  • Measurement of insulation up to 1000VDC
  • Open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current Voc/Isc up to 1000V/15A
  • Continuity of protective conductor with 200mA

IR camera inspection and detection of hot spots and electrical faults

Thermal imaging inspection with compact IR camera.

Save thermal images into IR camera internal memory  as well as display and share those pictures on mobile devices (tablets/smartphones) through Bluetooth connection and special APP.

Suitable for maintenance operations on every type of industrial installations.

Wide temperature range (max. 380°C) for advanced analysis including up to 3 measuring points on each picture.Detection of hot spots, electrical faults, check of mechanical parts, analysis of hydraulic systems, forced ventilation, etc.