Small power wind generators with low startup wind speed (<1m/s) and low start charging wind speed (<2,0 m/s)

Model ARBL300 ARBL600 ARBL1500
Nominal power (W) 300 600 1500
Output voltage (V) 12/24/48 12/24/48 24/48/72/96
Rotor diameter (м) 1,22 1,58 2,7
Startup wind speed (m/s) 0,8 0,8 1,0
Start charging speed (m/s) 1,8 1,8 1,9
Nominal wind speed (m/s) 9,5 10,5 10,0
Weight (kg) 16 22 40
Generator type Permanent Permanent Permanent
No. of blades 3 3 3
Blades material Carbon fiber Carbon fiber Carbon fiber
Magnets Neodym H 42 Neodym H 42 Neodym H 42

Small wind genarators (3 or 5 blades) with standard characteristics

Model АS2-100 АS2-200 АS2-300 АS2-400
Nominal power 100W 200W 300W 400W
Max power 130W 220W 310W 410W
Voltage 12V/24V 12V/24V 12V/24V 12V/24V
Startup wind speed (m/s) 2.0m/s 2.0m/s 2.0m/s 2.0m/s
Nominal wind speed (m/s) 10m/s 11.5m/s 13m/s 13m/s
Max survival wind speed (m/s) 55m/s 55m/s 50m/s 50m/s
Weight 5kg 5.2kg 5.6kg 5.8kg
Rotor diameter 1.2m 1.3m 1.35m 1.4m
No. of blades 3/5 blades
Blades material Nylon fiber
Generator type 3-phase AC permanent magnet
Brake Electormagnetic